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B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia 




The B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia Tournament Rules and Regulations will govern the conduct of Region III tournaments. The membership of the Region has added the following additional rules that govern the regional tournaments.




1.1 There will be six qualifying Region tournaments each year as recommended by the membership and approved by the club representative of Region III.




2.1 Region tournaments will be open to all active members of clubs in Region III. As voted Region 6, Youth and College angler?s who are current members of B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia.  




3.1 The tournament will be supervised by the Region III tournament Director, who will be elected by the members of Region III.     


3.2 The Region Tournament Director will be Responsible for keeping accurate records for all Region III tournaments.


3.3 Each club in Region III will be responsible for assisting the Tournament Director during the launch and weigh-in at the Region III tournaments on a rotating basis. The Tournament Director will announce the list for the year prior to the start of the tournament season. The host club for each tournament must provide at least two club members to assist.

Should the host club be unable to fulfill their duties the Tournament Director will appoint personnel to assists with the tournament.




4.1 Boat launch order will be determined by the order in which each team registers for that specific tournament.


4.2 The rules of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of Virginia will be strictly adhered to and these special tournament rules of Region III. Any infraction of these rules will result in disqualification.


4.3 No live bait is to be used and only fish with one rod and reel at a time, and all fishing is to be done from the boat only. There will be no trolling, multi rigged baits on a line, no Alabama rigs are allowed.


4.4 All Region III members are entitled to fish tournaments with any other Region III member or by themselves.


4.5 A limit of FIVE fish per boat (all alive), will be returned to the river or lake. In the case of a trophy fish the angler will have the option to return the fish to that body of water.


4.6 Fish size- 12-inch minimum unless specified differently by state regulations on all rivers. Lake rules apply otherwise; Lake Rules consist of (2) 12 inch per person, otherwise 14-inch minimum size limit. Each individual is responsible for verifying this prior to start of tournament.


4.7 Returning late for weigh-in will result in a ONE POUND per minute penalty after TEN minutes the team is disqualified.


4.8 Dead fish weighed in will result in a FOUR OUNCE penalty for each dead fish presented at scale. If Big Fish is the dead fish four ounces will be deducted from that fish?s weight for the tournament.


4.9 At least one fish may be measured out of each team's catch


4.10 Any short fish will result in the loss of that fish plus the team's heaviest fish.


4.11 There will be no culling (exchanging one fish for another) or returning any fish to the water after the team has checked in with the Check In Boat.


4.12 There will be no re-measuring of fish at the weigh-in location.


4.13 All fish become the property of the Tournament Committee as soon as you reach the Check In Boat.


4.14 The Tournament Committee reserves the right to check live wells at any time.  


4.15 No Fishing within 50 yards of an anchored boat or power pole in place.  (The trolling motor must be in the "up" position).


4.16 No casting into tournament waters prior to the start or passing check-in and while the weigh-in is under way.


4.17 Live wells and kill switches must be in working order.


4.18 A Coast Guard approved coat or vest with kill switch attached must be worn at all times when the outboard motor is running.


4.19 Ease off will be accomplished as stated DO NOT GET ON PLANE until well clear of the starter boat or you will be disqualified.


4.20 You are responsible for the wake of your boat and any damage it may cause.


4.21 Safety will be the judgment of each individual agreed upon by the Tournament Committee, The Region III board of directors and the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of Virginia.


4.22 Please put litter in its place (in the trashcan).


4.23 There will be no alcoholic beverages in the possession of any of the competitors in their boat, during tournament hours, beginning with registration and continuing until the awards are distributed; nor will any alcoholic beverages be consumed by any of the competitors or staff during the above-stated timeframe. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament.


4.24 Protest must be filled out in writing a reasonable time or 30 minutes from the time of completion of the tournament weigh-in. Forms are available from the Region Director, The Region Tournament Director or the Tournament Committee.


4.25 Violation of any of the above rules or other acts of unsportsmanlike conduct, as determined by the Region Tournament Committee, may be cause for disqualification.



4.26 There may be a polygraph test given at any or all tournaments. If failed or inconclusive (see section 13.2).


4.27 Should a competitor?s boat break down that competitor will be allowed to bring his fish to the weight in site in another competitors boat. Catch must be separated and verified check in time is still enforced and penalties will still be enforced for late check in.




5.1 The entry fee for all participants will be $100.00 per event.  This fee applies whether fishing alone or with a partner


5.1- A This may change, with the approval of the membership.


5.2 Region III will retain 20% of the tournament fees for the following uses:

5.2-A At the discretion of the membership, awards may be presented to the top three teams at the end of the tournament season with funds derived from the entry fees.                                   

            5.3-B Operating Expenses:

                           (a) Region III operating expenses

                           (b) Support the Region III Team in the Fall


5.3-C Payback will be 80% with the remaining 20% as stated above. The Region III payback schedule will be used.  We will pay back 1 in 5.  A payout schedule will be provided at every tournament.


5.4-D All monies not awarded at the Region III tournament, as a result of not enough fish being caught to pay back all of the finishing positions that would be paid in accordance with the Region III payback schedule, shall be retained by the Region III and such sums shall be used for the team sent by Region III to the Fall Classic.



6.1 The Region will hold an annual Big Fish Pot for the Largest Bass caught during Region Tournaments.

6.2 Entry fee will be $10.00 per person annually. The Annual Big Fish Pot is optional.

                        6.3 Entry fees to be paid to Region Treasurer.

6.4 The Annual Big Fish Pot must be paid prior to the start of the tournament.

6.5 Minimum weight to win the Big Fish Pot will be 8 lbs.

6.6 Should the fish be weighted in dead the dead fish penalty will be deducted from the fish?s weight prior to scoring the weight for Big Fish of the year. Example: Fish weights 8 lbs. but it is dead the weight scored will be 7.75 lbs. This fish would not meet minimum weight to win the Big Fish Pot.

6.7 Region Treasurer will maintain a list of all members in the big fish pot.

6.8 After the first year the entry fee for the Annual Big Fish Pot for a member who did not enter the previous year or years will be $10.00 for every year they didn?t participate in Big Fish.  New members will pay $10.00 per person, if the pot was broken the year before.  If the pot rolls over New Members will pay $20.00 to buy in the first year of their membership.





7.1 Individual points will be awarded based on the actual total weight and points derived from the finish and based on a 200-point system.


7.2 The 200-point system scoring system for each event and the Classic will be as follows:


200   points to 1st place         

199   points to 2nd place        

198   points to 3rd place

197   points to 4th place                     

196   points to 5th place                     

195   points to 6th place


and so on in 1-point increments.  In the event that a team or angler does not weigh-in a fish he or she will receive the next consecutive point. In the event of a tie or more than one person or team does not weigh-in fish each person or team will get the same amount of points for that place.


7.3 The lowest tournament total for each participant will be dropped at the end of the tournament season.  The results will show the best five tournaments of the six-tournament season.




8.1   At the team?s time of registration; teams will draw or be given the next available boat number. This is also the same for the any registrations the morning of the tournament. The cut off for registration will be 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF THE TOURNAMENT.  In an event that a team is late they must contact the tournament committee or a member of the region board to get an exception to fish the tournament.  Once the team reaches the tournament location the team must locate and be checked by another tournament boat that is not from their club prior to starting their fishing day.



9.1 The B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia rules for safety apply, including boat owner?s insurance requirements. Boater Safety course required if applicable.




10.1 Tournament hours will be announced by the Tournament Director upon the announcement of the upcoming seasons tournament schedule.




11.1 The top finishers after all tournaments have been completed will represent Region III in the State Fall Classic as decided by the Region each year, whether to pay for 10 men or women. If only 10 men or women go, then any member may join the team at their own expense, i.e., entry fees, rooms, meals, and etc. It is their responsibility to let the Region Director know if they wish to join the team.                                         



11.2 Boaters and Non-Boaters will be determined by order of finish in Region III Tournament final standings.


11.3 The Region III Team will receive funds from Region III, in the amount of the tournament entry fee.


11.4 At the region meeting following the conclusion of the Region III tournament season, the list of available contenders will be announced. The next region meeting all anglers that commit to fishing the Fall Classic will be required to pay the Fall Classic entry fees at that time. If the boaters attend the Fall Classic, they will receive their full entry fee back.  If the non-boater attends the Fall Classic, they will receive their entry fee back minus $50.00 gas fee for the boaters.  In the event that an angler does not attend the Fall Classic their entry fee will become the property of Region III.  If for any reason that the angler cannot attend the event due to an extenuating circumstance, he may present that to the Region III board for a consideration to be refunded.


11.5 Only an even number of men can be on the team with the minimum number of men will be determined by the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia Board of Directors.


11.6 The Region Director will ultimately be responsible for the team.


11.7 In the case of a tie for year ending points the first tie breaker will be the total number of fish weighed in for the year. The second tie breaker will be the biggest fish weighed in for the year.


11.8 At the conclusion of the Fall Classic qualified teams will have one week to inform the Region Director of there intent to participate in the State Team Shoot Out.






12.1 The number of fish will be the first tiebreaker.  Big Fish will be the second tiebreaker.  Should this not be an alternative then both teams will be given the same number of points for the highest position and the payback for that position will be split.




13.1 Protest must be announced to the Tournament Director and then must be filed in writing within a responsible period of time and not longer than 30 minutes from the time of the completion of the tournament weigh-in on the day of the tournament. Forms are available from the Region Director, the Region Tournament Director or a member of the Tournament Committee.


13.2 Upon inquiry, should any tournament participant be found guilty of fraud or cheating during the tournament, the angler will be subject to one or all of the following:


13.2-A Disqualified from Region III sanctioned events for the period of the year, as of that day.


13.2-B Disqualified from participating in Region III sanctioned events for a period greater than one year, as of that day.


13.2-C Disqualified from participating in Region III sanctioned events for a lifetime, as of that day.


13.2-D All points accumulated at that point will be forfeited for any of the above.


13.3 This rule is not intended to supersede or deny Region III the right to pursue criminal and/or civil action or abdication of the (guilty) party from the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia.


13.4 The final determination between cheating and rules infraction will be the sole responsibility and at the discretion of the Region officers, polygraph examiner or both.


13.5 Region III rules regarding proper protest procedures remain functional and shall not be circumvented except in extreme cases.


13.6 All competitors of sanctioned tournaments held by Region III of the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia will be subject to polygraph examination by a licensed examiner at the direction of the Region III Tournament Committee is defined as the duly appointed body for conducting Region III tournaments, to include Region III officers.


13.6-A Selection of those to be examined will be at random by the direction of the Tournament Director.


13.6-B Results by licensed examiner along with the rulings of the Tournament Committee are final.


13.6-C Findings, along with any refusal to submit to polygraph examination by the direction of the Tournament Committee, will be grounds for disqualification in accordance with Section 13.2, or other disciplinary actions deemed to be appropriate.


13.6-D This section will be reviewed on an annual basis and a determination will be made if the program will continue.




14.1 Enforcement and interpretation of all tournament rules shall be the responsibility of the Region III officers. The intent of all such rules, and/or situations not specifically addressed by such rules, will be interpreted and acted on by the Region III officers. All decisions will be final. Rules not covered in the document will be referred to the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia By-laws and Tournament Rules.




15.1 The Region III Director will be elected from the membership of the Region III chapters.


15.1-A The Director shall be a member in good standings with the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia and B.A.S.S and the chapter he belongs to.


15.1-B The Election shall be held in November of each odd number year. Nominations shall be held at the October meeting of that year.


15.1-C Election shall be by secret ballot, if more than one individual has been nominated for that office. If only one person in nominated, then at the November meeting, the Secretary shall cast a unanimous ballot for that individual.


15.1-D The membership shall elect a Secretary, a Tournament Committee, Treasurer, Youth Director, Conservation Director, and a Region Assistant Director.  There election time and length in office will coincide with the Region Director.


15.1-E The Director shall conduct monthly meetings of the Region III chapters at a site determined by the Director and approved by the membership.


15.1-F The Director shall report to the membership at the monthly meetings his activities for the previous month. He shall disseminate all information pertinent to the membership and their activities.


15.1-G The Assistant Director shall fill in for the Director as necessary and as required by the Director.


15.1-H The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of each meeting, making a copy available at each succeeding meeting for the membership. He or she shall report to the Director.


15.1-I The Tournament Director shall be responsible for the proper operation of the Region III tournaments. TD shall be responsible for nominating clubs to assist with Region Tournaments. Each chapter within the Region shall be responsible for assisting the Tournament Director when necessary. TD shall be responsible for presenting to the membership at large a proposed tournament schedule for the upcoming year no later than October of each year. Tournament dates shall not conflict with state activity dates. TD shall conduct a Tournament Committee meeting of the whole prior to the October meeting to obtain input from the members. TD shall keep accurate records of all results from the Region Tournaments which will be available at the meeting following each tournament and will be posted on the Region III website as soon after the tournament as possible. The Tournament Director shall report to the Region Director.



15.1-J The Youth Director shall conduct and oversee all Region Youth activities. YD will work in partnership with the Youth Director for the sponsoring club for the yearly Youth Day event in June of each year. YD will be responsible for holding a Casting Kids event each year in partnership with the sponsoring club for the Casting Kids event. YD shall assist the State Youth Director when called upon and will report directly to the Region Director.


15.1-K The Conservation Director shall oversee all Region III conservation activities. CD shall coordinate a yearly Conservation event of his choice in conjunction with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.  CD shall assist the state Conservation Director when called upon and will report directly to the Region Director.




15.2 The term of office for all Region III Board Members shall be consistent with the By-laws set forth by the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia. The term shall be for a period of two years for each election cycle.





16.1 A chapter in good standing in the Region shall have met the following qualifications:


16.1-A Participated in 50% of the Region III meetings


16.1-B Participated in 50% 0f the Region III tournament


16.1-C Participated in June Youth Event. Each Club must send two members to this event.


16.1-D Participate in any other function agreed upon by the body at large.


16.2 Each chapter must provide the Region III Director and the Region Youth Director the name of a chapter youth director.


16.3 These requirements must be satisfied in order for the chapters to participate in the annual State-Sponsored Chapter Team Tournament and Mr. Bass Tournament.


16.4 Members of Region Chapters must be on the current roster supplied by the State Secretary/Treasurer and must be current in their dues to the State and National organizations.


16.5 Members who leave State-Sponsored tournaments without officially informing the State Tournament Staff will not be allowed to fish State Tournaments for the remainder of the year of the infraction, but also the following year. In addition, those members will also be suspended from participating in Region Tournaments for one year from the date of the infraction.


16.6 When Region III is the host Region for Mr. BASS or the Fall Classic Tournaments, one person from each club is to be present to work the tournament both days of competition. If not, that club or clubs will be ineligible to fish both Mr. BASS and the Chapter teams the following year.







17.1 Each Chapter shall be required to submit to the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia annual dues upon Receipt of billing.


17.2 Chapter rosters shall be updated with the most up-to-date information available as soon as possible each time they are distributed by B.A.S.S.


17.3 Failure to complete the rosters on time will result in members not being qualified to participate in the annual State Qualifying Tournaments.




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